The Issues in Depth



Why Is It So Hard To Be Heard?

I am truly passionate about this issue, as two-way communication impacts how citizens can be heard and involved in decision making. We must make it easier for Allen residents to get in touch and track response time from their city council members.


WIth a collective council email, residents would be able to contact all six council members and the mayor simultaneously with their concerns or requests. The mayor or mayor pro-tem could respond with relevant answers or forward it to the appropriate department, and all other council members would receive a copy along with updates.


I aim to increase citizen input and council feedback, in order to correct the balance of power. Allen City Council is here to serve you and should be easily available to take your input seriously and respond before making decisions for the future of Allen!


I fully support term limits and signed the citizen petition last year to bring them to the ballot. Term limits are a great option to ensure accountability and allow for more residents to serve in local government. 


Shouldn't Allen Be Affordable?

We must ensure the quality of life for all Allen residents and workers, especially those who serve to protect us. We need to take steps to guarantee the men and women in our police and fire departments find Allen affordable.


What can benefit one directly, can benefit all indirectly. Not only are our finest finding housing expensive, but there are several older neighborhoods which are at risk of overdevelopment and pricing their current owners and renters out of residency. If my husband and I were purchasing our home today, we probably wouldn't be able to buy it. Residents over 65, daunted by keeping up with rising property taxes, need to also be prioritized.


We must continually look for ways to keep Allen affordable for all. Citizen input should be a top priority for Allen City Council in regards to development and affordability.


As Allen continues to grow as a city, we need to protect our quality of life; taking careful consideration of the direction in which we, as residents, want to proceed.




Diverse Families, Distinct Needs

Families come in every shape and size in Allen and we need to take steps to protect the quality of life for everyone. As a mom of small children, I would love to see more public bathroom facilities and gated playgrounds at our phenomenal parks; so many families could increase their enjoyment at a greater number of them and for longer! However, given the summer heat of Texas and skin safety concerns, my first priority would be to advocate for faster implementation of large shade structures at all our parks without natural shade trees.


I also would love to start a mobile library which could reach out to homebound residents, young families who struggle to get out of the house with babies in tow, and older residents who might not feel secure driving across town to the library. Stocked not only with books, DVDs, and CDS but also age appropriate STEAM kits and toys; this mobile library could benefit many in this day and age where we order direct to our door!


Another concern for all families is  Allen's current practice of notifying neighbors within 200 feet of a planning and zoning change, per state law. It is my belief we could send certified letters to those within that proximity as the law requires, while also notifying other neighbors and/or HOAs to inform them of potential changes via email.

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