In an attempt to provide the most updated campaign donation information, I mistakenly suggested to readers of the Dallas Morning News to please check my Campaign Finance Reports using the Texas Ethics Commission website starting in April. THIS IS INCORRECT. I have contacted the Dallas Morning News to see if this can be corrected and also listed my top five donors below. The information for municipal races is not available online either through the Texas Ethics Commission website or the City of Allen website. 


You will need to call the Allen City Secretary, Shelley George, at 214-509-4107, for a report after each filing period deadline: April 4, April 26 and July 15.


As I am all for transparency, I will update the top five donors to my campaign on this page throughout the campaign period. I am including pledged amounts, in-kind donations, and actual cash donations:


1. Public Safety for a Responsible Government working in cooperation with both Allen's Fire and Police Associations endorsement included an unspecified pledged amount. Since I did not receive a dollar figure amount until I received the check as of 4/2/19, it will be in my next finance campaign report. This continues to be, and I expect will stay, my highest donation to date.

2. Daniel and Katie St. Clair 

3. Women Organizing Women Dems

4. Theresa Ginsburg

5. David Hicks



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