Melanie Hughes

Wife. Mom. Helper. Advocate.

I moved with my family to Allen, Texas in August 2014 after nine years in Australia, to be closer to my parents who have loved living here for almost 20 years. While I had lived in various parts of Texas for the greater part of my life, I had never made a home in North Texas. The community of Allen made the transition of starting over much easier, for which I am very grateful. I am proud to now call Allen home!


With a B.S. in Applied Learning and Development from the University of Texas at Austin, I was afforded the opportunity to teach in Austin and Houston, before relocating overseas to focus on social work. Over the last three years, I have volunteered throughout Collin County and served within PTAs; this past year I have been serving as a local PTA President.


I support a diverse council with a range of gender, ages and socio-economic backgrounds as representatives. Looking at our current city council, there is no one who looks like they are sharing my stage or standing in life. I have young children, one in elementary and another in preschool. We don't make over $90K and, despite being college graduates, my husband and I found ourselves living paycheck to paycheck during our first year in Allen. The lack of disposable cash impacted our views on the availability of activities and opportunities the city offers to improve the quality of life for Allen residents. Over the past four years, I have seen Allen changing and seemingly without much input from many of its citizens. I was raised with the belief if you wanted to complain about a situation, then you had to be willing to be part of the solution; so I decided to run for council. 


Working as an educator and social worker allowed me to strengthen my advocacy skills, which are critical in representing the will of the people. My diverse personal experiences of living in low, middle and high socio-economic statuses have given me a unique perspective on life's struggles and joys as it relates to a wide breadth of people and circumstances. While I believe I must provide sound reasoning and facts when explaining my views, I also feel strongly my vote must lie with the will from a majority of residents.


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